Dare to be Different

I must say, I could wear wedding dresses all day if I had the opportunity to do so.

I could literally sit and go through bridal gown images on Pinterest for hours. “Say Yes to the Dress” is something that can be watched on repeat with my Mom for days. Lets face it, it’s a process selecting the most important dress you are ever going to wear. From anxiety to, “do my arms or bum look big in this dress”, to a judgmental tag along panel who without hesitation tell you how that sweetheart neckline just does not suite you. Every bride wants to show who she is as a women and this is reflected in what she chooses as her wedding dress.

So why not dare to be different. Traditional is lovely and can be classic, but sometimes out of the box can be simply gorgeous! Have a look at these breath taking gowns that don’t follow the rules…who needs rules anyway, make up your own ladies.