Industrial Inspire

A huge trend at the moment is a move away from the traditional venue choices for parties or weddings and more of a shift towards industrial spaces. My favourite two industrial spaces utilized in Cape Town are Colourbox Studios and Blue Bird Garage Market. A few years ago it would of been unspeakable but these days being inventive and showing how you use the space for a party counts. A great use of a space with an industrial feel is of course weddings. The pretty and delicate matched up against the grunge metal, exposed brickwork and concrete surfaces has such a huge and beautiful impact once all the elements are put together.

Speaking of which, most industrial spaces can be quite large and intimidating when considering having a party or wedding there. A top tip would be to go bold or be prepared to have your decor dwarfed as big impact is the best way to impress your guests. In large industrial spaces with double volume ceilings its recommended to go for statement elements such as ceiling or wall draping, chandeliers, naked string bulbs, large letter lights, big lanterns or table centre pieces which give height. Make use of those wooden and metal ceiling trusses by hanging cascading greenery or floral arrangements from them. Creating different zones across the space is also a great way to maximize the entire space especially for parties. A few examples would be a cocktail area, lounge, seated dinning area and dance floor. When the guests arrive and see where the event or wedding is first impressions will no doubt be skeptical, but one thing is for sure, your guests will definitely be blown away upon entry and shown that industrial can be inspiring too.


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